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Write smoothly and comfortably on our manufactured range of Paper Notebook, A4 Notebook, A5 Notebook, etc....

About Us

Books, notebooks, pen, pencil all these things remind one of his/her school time. For a school going child all these things form a part of their daily essentials, they use them for learning and writing new things. It is not necessary that one can use all these things only in schools, he/she can also use them in offices, shops or any other place. We, Genius Notebook Manufacturer, want to encourage these children in learning that's why we choose stationary as our field for doing business. We are known for our quality products, the widest range of our products include School Lesson Diary,  Graph Book, Paper Notebook, A4 Notebook, Hard Cover Notebook, etc. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of notebooks and produce these books in different sizes so that our clients can choose one according to their need.

The quality of paper that we use is of supreme quality, one will love to write on our manufactured range of notebooks. We have notebooks of different category ranging from normal notebook to graph notebook.

Blessed By Sound Facilities

We have a separate place for manufacturing our wide range of notebooks. Timely updation of our machinery helps us in manufacturing our notebooks and diaries with ease and perfection. We use sound proof machinery system in our factory, so that we can contribute in protecting our earth from noise pollution. This sound proof machinery system helps us in protecting our employees and other residents living nearby from various health related problems generated by noise pollution. Workers can work efficiently in a peaceful and sound free environment without affecting their own health.

Why Us?

We are well known for our quality products in the market. One will not chose any other brand notebook after using the notebooks offered by us. Few other reasons for choosing us are as follows:

  • The material is refined before processing it for manufacturing, so that the quality of the paper is upto the mark.
  • We use raw material of premium quality, the chemicals used by us in manufacturing these notebook are non-toxic. The reason behind making these notebooks non-toxic is that sometimes children swallow them or sometimes people use saliva for flipping or counting pages. Thus making it safe for our customers.
  • Repeated orders from our existing clients motivate us in delivering premium quality products in a time bound manner.
  • We use chimneys and sound proof machines in our factory so that we can protect our mother nature from air and noise pollution.